The Ridestyler Platform

A web platform built for automotive, with tools to drive your business forward.


For your website and your showroom.


Wheels, tires and install package building.


Fitment data at your fingertips.

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Transform your website into your showroom

  • RS-Icon-VisualizerCreated with Sketch. Visualize
Add the industry-leading automotive visualizer to your website is less than 5 minutes. Help your customers reimagine their vehicle with a new set of rims or a 3” lift (heck, why not both)?

• Over 54,000 vehicle configs
 Over 5,000 wheel & tire styles
• Fitment recommendations
• Multiple vehicle angles
• Manufacturer & custom colors
• Complete suspension adjustment 
• Request for quote & add to cart

  • RS-Icon-Custom-WheelCreated with Sketch. Customize
Allow your customers to see their one-of-a-kind creations in real time, and tie into your existing order codes for fulfillment.

• Modify cap, text, lip, spoke face and window
• Custom wheel asset preparation
• Request a quote system
• Integrate with eCommerce
• Visualize custom wheels on vehicles

  • RS-Icon-eCommerceCreated with Sketch. Sell Online
Looking to move your sales online? Our eCommerce platform was built from the ground up for automotive. Control your product catalog and track your site’s performance.

• Fully responsive for mobile, tablet & desktop
• Integrated vehicle lookup and visualization
• Wheel & tire package building
• Seamless integrations with popular payment providers
• Optimized for SEO
• Get insight into your site’s performance with analytics

Get started now with free tools & resources

Be the expert for your customers with our fitment tools and calculators. Streamline your business operations with up-to-date data.


A web-based tool for looking up vehicle, OE and plus sizing fitment data.

Tire Size Calculator

Help your customers understand the implications of changing tire size.

Wheel Size Calculator

Get quick answers on the impacts of changing your wheel fitment.

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