Vehicle Fitment

Step into the future of vehicle fitment with RideStyler's comprehensive Vehicle Fitment data. Catering to various automotive applications, our cutting-edge solutions provide everything from OE tire recommendations to bespoke wheel mapping controls. The dynamic recommendation logic and customization options ensure that you receive precise, vehicle-specific fitment tailored to your individual needs.

Unmatched tire fitment options

RideStyler's tire fitment solutions are designed with both accuracy and flexibility in mind, offering unprecedented control over your vehicle fitment needs. We understand that every business has its unique requirements, and that's why our fitment options are tailored to meet those individual needs.

OE Tire Sizes

Our extensive database includes OE tire sizes, complete with size and service descriptions. It ensures that your customers can quickly find OE replacement tires for their applications, adhering to the manufacturers' standards. The convenience of having this information at your fingertips not only improves efficiency but also customer satisfaction.

Example: OE Specs

Dynamic Plus/Minus

Beyond just OE replacements, RideStyler offers innovative plus/minus size applications based on dynamic recommendation logic. This means that we carefully consider the exact wheel size being installed on the vehicle, the original tire size, and then dynamically recommend a list of possible tire sizes that match the new application. By taking into account the exact deviation from the OE size, we help ensure optimal performance and appearance.

Example: Tire Size Table

RideStyler’s tire fitment options are more than just a service; they're a partnership aimed at elevating your business to the next level. With our comprehensive and customizable solutions, you can be confident that you're providing the best possible fitment for every vehicle, every time. It's not just about selling tires; it's about delivering an exceptional experience that sets you apart.

Ready to get started?

Our sales staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help determine whether our solution is the right tool for your job.

Wheel fitment made easy

Navigating the complex world of wheel fitment can be a daunting task, but not with RideStyler's Vehicle Fitment solutions at your service. Tailored specifically for wheels, our fitment solutions simplify the process of matching wheels to vehicles. Whether you're dealing with standard wheel fitments or custom applications, our comprehensive approach ensures a seamless integration into your existing systems. From providing accurate fitment profiles to enabling precise mapping, we make wheel fitment straightforward and effective for your business.

Simple wheel filtering

Our standard vehicle wheel fitment profiles form the core of our offerings, providing vital data points that allow you to filter and select the perfect wheels for any given vehicle. Our standard profiles can be easily integrated into existing eCommerce solutions - adding huge value to your customers with minimal cost and effort.

Custom mapping profiles

If you require a more hands-off approach, RideStyler's expert team can handle the mapping for you. We understand that every product has its complex rules, and our tailored services reflect that understanding. By using a combination of our mapping, your custom rules, and any static mapping overrides you've made, we craft the perfect combination of mapping to meet your specifications.

Our wheel-specific Vehicle Fitment solutions are more than just tools; they are strategic assets that elevate your business in a competitive marketplace. By partnering with RideStyler, you gain access to industry-leading expertise, technology, and customer support, all dedicated to ensuring your success in the wheel market. Let's drive forward together.

Take control of your wheel mapping

Introducing our industry-leading static mapping solution, a first-of-its-kind technology that empowers you to meticulously adjust your product mapping directly through our web interface. By providing the capability to explicitly link or unlink products with vehicles, our solution offers unparalleled precision in tailoring your mapping strategies. Seamlessly integrated with our expert fitment recommendations, this innovative feature enables you to leverage our high-quality product mapping instantly. Over time, you can refine these mappings to generate custom recommendations that are exclusively tailored to your needs. Start optimizing your product-to-vehicle mapping today and differentiate your offerings with our unique, high-quality mapping solution.

How does it work?

Select a vehicle
Utilize our intuitive free-form search bar to effortlessly find vehicles; select one or several to customize their mapping with ease.
Review current mapping
For your chosen vehicles, RideStyler's existing and any custom mappings are pre-loaded, allowing you to inspect and evaluate the current configurations.
Make updates and save
Refine your mapping by effortlessly removing unwanted fitments with a simple uncheck, or enhance it by searching for and adding new fitments based on diverse criteria.