Our all-inclusive platform empowers you to create an industry-leading web and mobile experience. Harness the power of our comprehensive vehicle and wheel & tire databases, coupled with captivating imagery and visualization. RideStyler eCommerce ensures your success in the automotive aftermarket, providing everything you need to drive sales and delight customers with a seamless, engaging shopping journey.

RideStyler eCommerce
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The RideStyler difference

With RideStyler eCommerce, you receive a complete package right from the start, saving both time and money. Trusted by major retailers for over two decades, we offer unparalleled expertise for a smooth and robust eCommerce experience. While there are numerous eCommerce solutions available today, only RideStyler has been designed from the ground up specifically for automotive eCommerce.

Feature: Vehicle Lookup and Visualization

Integrated vehicle lookup and visualization

Feature: Vehicle Fitment Recommendations

Vehicle fitment data and product recommendations

Feature: Product Data and Imagery

Curated product data and imagery

Feature: Package Building

Seamless support for package building

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Simplify your
eCommerce journey

Creating and launching an automotive eCommerce website is just the beginning of your journey. Keeping product data, imagery, and pricing up-to-date can be a constant struggle, consuming valuable time and resources. With RideStyler eCommerce, we've taken the burden off your shoulders. Our seamless solution offers direct data feeds for all our products, ensuring real-time updates without any effort on your part. Say goodbye to manual data sourcing! Moreover, we empower you with user-friendly tools to handle common management tasks effortlessly, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

We've got the data

RideStyler eCommerce makes use of our Wheel Catalog & Tire Catalog to instantly populate your site with curated product specifications, marketing content and imagery from all the top brands.

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Simple product management

Simplify product management with RideStyler eCommerce! Just log in to your dashboard and activate any brands from the list. Each night, our comprehensive product sync ensures all selected brands, complete with product data, imagery, fitment specifications, and marketing content, seamlessly integrate into your eCommerce site. Effortlessly expand your product offerings and elevate your customers' shopping experience with a few clicks.

With RideStyler, managing your product catalog has never been easier!

Brand Tools

A vehicle driven experience

Seamlessly integrating with the RideStyler Vehicle Catalog, our cutting-edge solution lets users easily look up their vehicles, unlocking a personalized shopping experience. With our robust vehicle fitment data, finding products that fit their specific vehicle is a breeze.

Take it a step further with our state-of-the-art Visualization feature, allowing users to visualize wheels on their vehicles before making a purchase. Elevate your eCommerce game with our comprehensive platform, where innovation meets user-centricity for a truly immersive and enjoyable shopping journey.

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Flexible Payment and Financing Solutions

At RideStyler, we understand the importance of providing diverse payment and financing options to meet the needs of your customers. That's why our eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly with a variety of leading payment and financing providers, including Stripe, Acima, Affirm, Moneris, Snap Finance, and more. These integrations ensure a smooth and flexible transaction experience for your customers.

Integration: Acima Integration: Stripe Integration: Affirm Integration: Snap Finance Integration: Moneris

Our platform is designed to adapt to your business needs. Even if a particular service is not supported out of the box, RideStyler eCommerce can be extended to integrate with new providers. This flexibility ensures that you can always meet the evolving needs of your business and provide your customers with the payment and financing options they prefer.

Choose RideStyler eCommerce to enhance your customers' shopping experience and drive your sales with the convenience and variety of payment and financing solutions.

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Automate your
supplier management

Launching an eCommerce site is only the beginning of your journey. Constantly changing inventory and pricing information from suppliers can lead to frustration for you and your customers which negatively impact your business. But fear not, RideStyler's Supplier System simplifies the process of supplier management and let's you get back to running your business.


Take control of your pricing strategy with RideStyler's powerful Pricing Management Tools! Our innovative platform allows you to create and implement complex pricing rules, ensuring your retail prices stay up-to-date even when supplier pricing changes. No more manual adjustments or pricing discrepancies!

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What's the point of advertising product to your customers if it isn't even available? Our direct supplier connections aggregate inventory data from all of your suppliers to ensure you are only showing the products you can actually sell.

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And a whole lot more ...

There's really too many features to list! It all comes down to one simple belief; you shouldn't need to employ a team of data scientists to run an online store. From supplier management, automated MAP enforcement and complex pricing rules, we take the guess work out of running your store.

Backed by the power of RideStyler

All of our products are powered by the industry leading RideStyler Platform; giving you the most comprehensive vehicle and product data available on the market.


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Features & highlights

Tired of the long winded marketing copy? Want a simple rundown of the features? No problem, we've got you covered.

Search by vehicle
Our eCommerce platform supports search by vehicle out of the box. This enables year, make, model (YMM) lookup for wheels and tires; drastically simplifying your customers' shopping experience.
Fitment recommendations
Integration with our RideStyler Vehicle Fitment data powers integrated wheel & tire recommendations, while still giving you control to override the default recommendations.
Powerful filtering
Powerful, contextual product filtering ensures a smooth and efficient process to refine product results. We streamlines the experience, allowing customers to easily narrow down their choices to find the perfect product for their needs.
Product catalogs
Product data is automatically synched from RideStyler's Wheel and Tire Catalogs giving you quality imagery, detailed product specifications and important marketing content all without any data management on your end.
Seamlessly integrated wheel visualization will give your customers the ability to visualize their new wheels before they make a purchase.
Simplified package building
Building wheel and tire packages has never been simpler, thanks to our intuitive and user-friendly interface. Leverage the power of upselling by effortlessly recommending tires with wheel purchases, maximizing your revenue potential.
Easily manage pricing
Easily create custom pricing rules to compute product prices, ensuring your pricing stays accurate and competitive. Our advanced system automatically recalculates pricing as base pricing data from your suppliers change.
Supplier integration
Pull data from all your suppliers into one place for your eCommerce store. Stay current with real-time information, providing customers with accurate availability and pricing.
Support for multiple locations
Effortlessly manage multiple locations with our location finder, guiding customers to their nearest point of service. Each location features unique content, pricing, and inventory data, ensuring a personalized experience at every touchpoint.
Payment and financing
Integrates with multiple payment providers and 3rd party financing for flexible checkout options. Boost customer satisfaction and conversions with seamless payment choices.
Google Analytics
RideStyler eCommerce seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, providing valuable insights to track and optimize your store's performance.
Interactive gallery
Our interactive gallery allows you to upload photos of your builds and tag them with the correct vehicle, wheel and tire so your customers can see the stellar work your team is doing.
Discounts and packages
Effortlessly run promotions, display promotional text, and manage sale pricing with RideStyler's powerful discount system, all from a simple dashboard. Additionally, create package-based discounts to incentivize customers for bundling wheels, tires, and other products, taking your marketing strategy to the next level.
MAP Enforcement
Enforce MAP pricing effortlessly with our pricing system, ensuring compliance with your suppliers' guidelines.
Specialty tires
Our platform effortlessly caters to all needs, from OE replacements to specialty tires like oversized or seasonal options, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

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