Designed for retailers' internal use, this comprehensive reference guide equips your sales staff and customer support representatives with essential OE vehicle specifications and fitment data. Empower your team with the knowledge they need, and watch customer satisfaction and confidence soar with the RideStyler FitGuide by your side.

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Empower your staff

Enhance customer interactions and boost sales with the RideStyler FitGuide. Empower your sales staff and CSRs with comprehensive OE vehicle specifications and fitment data, ensuring unmatched accuracy and expertise for confident customer support.

Today's climate of labor shortages, rapid turnover and under qualified applicants can be challenging for any business. Let alone a business that relies so heavily on the knowledge required to do the job correctly. This is why the RideStyler FitGuide is designed to put the critical information your team needs front and center; allowing them to more effectively answer customer questions and find the perfect application.


Quick at-a-glance specification references for any vehicle in our database. Easily search for a specific make, model, year and trim to see the most specific data possible.

Example: OE Specs

Plus & minus size chart

The plus size chart is extremely intuitive and makes it easy to find the right tire size for use on any wheel. The interactivity takes it a step further, allowing you to investigate the differences between the recommend tire size and the OE size.

Example: Tire Size Table

Wheel fitment specifications

For each vehicle we provide a wheel fitment profile to help determine proper wheel application. This provides range information for the maximum extents suggested for the selected vehicle based on our research.

Example: Wheel Range Data

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Our sales staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help determine whether our industry leading reference tool is a right fit for you and your team.

Features & highlights

Tired of the long winded marketing copy? Want a simple rundown of the features? No problem, we've got you covered.

Massive vehicle library
The RideStyler Vehicle Catalog is one of the largest collections of North American vehicles available. This catalog includes descriptions, fitment profiles, OE tire size information as well as specifications and tolerances.
OE tire information
All of our vehicles have a detailed list of OE tire sizes available from the dealer at time of purchase. This includes not only standard sizes but optional package sizes as well.
Wheel fitment profiles
We aggregate wheel fitment profiles to provide an at-a-glance range that can be used when sourcing wheels for a vehicle. This includes diameter, width, offset, backspacing, centerbore and many other metrics.
Lug specifications
We provide detailed specifications on the hardware for each vehicle. This includes lug type (e.g. nut or bolt), thread pitch and torque.
Plus and minus sizes
Our intuitive chart provides an at a glance reference to find the best plus and minus size tires for most common and aggressive wheel applications.
Wheel and tire catalog support
Because the FitGuide is powered by the same RideStyler Platform as our other products, any configuration or data sources for use in products such as eCommerce or the Visualizer are also available in the FitGuide for behind-the-counter use.

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Don't hesitate to reach out to our amazing sales staff. We are more than happy to work with you to understand your specific needs and recommend the product(s) that will work best for your unique situation.