Vehicle Catalog

The RideStyler Vehicle Catalog is your definitive engine for powering any automotive solution that necessitates vehicle lookup or data integration. Housing one of the most comprehensive collections of U.S. and Canadian vehicles available, our catalog is more than just a resource - it's a pathway to innovation.

Comprehensive database

Our Vehicle Catalog features one of the broadest and most comprehensive collection of US and Canadian vehicles in the industry.





Visualization ready

Our massive catalog of visualization ready 2D images are available in 2 angles - side and ¾ view.

Vehicle Image: Side

OE Data and Specifications

RideStyler's dedicated vehicle data team works continuously to source detailed OE data and specifications for every vehicle on the market. This includes tire and wheel information for both standard and optional tire sizes as well as other valuable fitment information.

Tire Wheel Lug Bolt Pattern / PCD Hub / CB Weight
P245/45R20 99Y @ 32psi 20x8 +24 14mm x 1.50 Nut @ 130 ft-lbs 5 x 115mm 71.5mm 4950lbs

Comprehensive coverage
We have one of the largest vehicle databases on the market. With comprehensive coverage through the 90's and data and imagery as early as the 40's.
Real vehicle photos
While competitors render their photos from 3D models, we use real photographs, creating some of the most realistic imagery available.
Data the way you want it
Real-time or flat file delivery the way you want it. Various formats available to make integration with existing systems as easy as possible.
OE tire and wheel data
We collect both standard and optional OE wheel and tire sizes to help you offer the most accurate information possible about each customer's vehicle.
Wide range of specifications
We have a wide range of OE data points available for our vehicles. Ranging from lug hardware and torque specs to OE paint schemes and vehicle weight - we have you covered.
Real-time updates
Our full time data team is constantly adding new data to the system. And, in the rare event there is an issue, they are making these corrections within 72 hours. This data is immediately available to you via our API or during your next scheduled flat file delivery.

Ready to get started?

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