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The RideStyler platform is backed by one of the most comprehensive vehicle catalogs on the market today. We bring together a broad collection of vehicle records, OE equipment data, fitment profiles, imagery and other visual data, into a single data source that can be consumed through our robust real-time API.

Extremely comprehensive database that has been currated and refined for the last 20 years.
Unique combination of OE vehicle information, robust fitment profiles and imagery to make it the perfect building block for almost any application.
Our real-time, scalable, production proven API allows you to quickly spin up new applications without the headache of complex infrastructure.
Proprietary fitment algorithms can be used alongside our data to solve complex problems; from plus sizing to wheel, tire and installation kit package building.
Wheel Lug Tire
PCD Diameter Width Offset Hub Type Thread Tire SD
5 x 4.5" (114.3mm) 18" 8" 50mm 60.1mm Nut 12mm x 1.50 235/45R18 94V

OE Vehicle Data

No matter what you are trying to do in the automotive industry, having complete and accurate vehicle data is crucial. Our vehicle information spans over 90 model years and is sourced directly from the manufacturers and vetted against other industry sources to ensure accuracy.

Vehicle Fitment Profiles

RideStyler offers fitment profiles that can be combined with your existing product data to help recommend the best products for each vehicle. These profiles include size and capacity tolerances for both wheels and tires.

Width Diameter Offset
7.5" to 12" 17" to 22" -52 to +35

Vehicle Imagery

Our catalog is more than just data. We also have multiple angles of most vehicles which are used to power our visualization tools. These images can also be used as stock imagery and thumbnails to help add context to your user's experience when selecting a vehicle on your existing site.

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There’s data…and then there’s automotive data. We’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting the way we collect, clean, and serve up automotive data for our products and customers.