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RideStyler FitGuide

Don’t waste time flipping through pages or searching for manufacturer data – streamline your business with fitment data at your fingertips. With the RideStyler FitGuide, you’ll have access to the industry’s largest fitment database. Quickly get information on OE profiles as well as plus and minus sizing.

  • Fitment profiles for vehicles including OE tire, service description, diameter and width ranges, bolt, hub and thread.
  • Recommended tire sizes based on wheel diameter and width.
  • View size differences for selected size compared to OE size for the vehicle.
  • View recommended products based on your selected size.
  • Access from any computer or mobile device via the web.

The best part? It’s completely FREE to use when you create a RideStyler account (you’ll also get access to our Tire Size and Wheel Size Calculators).



Streamline your business with fitment data at your fingertips

Tire Size Calculator

Help customers understand the impact of changing tire size

Wheel Size Calculator

Wheel diameter, width, backspace, frontspace and offset

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