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We got fed up with expensive eCommerce solutions that don’t take the unique needs of automotive products into account, such as vehicle lookup and wheel and tire packages. We built RideStyler eCommerce from the ground up for the automotive industry, offering vehicle-based searching, package building, support for installation accessories and much more.

RideStyler eCommerce can help you minimize custom development, ultimately saving time and money, so you can focus on making sales and serving your customers. Contact us to schedule a demo and ask questions. You can also check out a live example of the platform using the link below.

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Fully responsive so it works where your customers are; desktop, tablet and mobile.
Integrated vehicle lookup and visualization gives you a competitive advantage.
Detailed analytics for maximum insight into your online sales.
Seamless integration with most popular payment providers.

Instant Customer Vehicle Lookup

Utilize RideStyler’s immense vehicle catalog and fast searching so your customers can quickly find the best products for their application.

Once they’ve got results, your customers can visualize modifications through the built-in RideStyler Visualizer.

Wheel and Tire Package Builder

Our eCommerce platform comes equipped with the data and tools needed to support wheel and tire package building. You can even customize tolerances for plus size applications and allow oversized tires to be applied to pickups and SUVs.

Installation Hardware and Accessories

Upsell accessories and ensure your customers receive necessary hardware by automatically recommending products based on the selected vehicle and wheel combination. This can include hub rings, lug kits and visual accessories like center caps.

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Management Dashboard

Get access to the tools you need to effectively manage and understand how products are being viewed and sold on your website. RideStyler eCommerce offers a powerful suite of administrative tools to control your catalog, and analytics to help you understand what your customers want.

The RideStyler eCommerce platform offers a powerful suite of administrative tools which allow you to not only control how your products are sold online, but also provide detailed analytics to help you understand how your customers are buying.