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Visualize with augmented reality

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RideStyler widgets are small web applications that can be easily added or embedded into existing websites to quickly add advanced functionality for your users. We offer a wide range of widgets, from professional fitment utilities to marketing tools that help convert customers. These widgets can also be used as building blocks for larger web applications.

Save time with a variety of widgets that can be easily integrated in minutes.
Build reputation with your customers by offering advanced tools that keep them coming back.
Simplify maintenance of your website by using existing widgets that have been industry tested.
Save money and reduce development time by using off-the-shelf scripts to quickly add functionality to your existing website.

Augmented Reality

Why use stock imagery when you can see wheels on your customer's actual vehicle?

Upload a photograph or take a picture from your mobile device to receive instant visualization

Our AR technology takes the guess work out of visualizing a customer's vehicle by automatically locating the wheels when you upload a photo (no drawing or adjustments needed). This revolutionary solution lets you go directly from upload to shopping, creating a streamlined and unique experience for your customer.

Sample wheels

The wheels below are a random sampling from our catalog of styles. Select a style to see it on the vehicle.

RideStyler's augmented reality functionality can also be used inside mobile applications to bring real-time visualizations to your customers. Want to see it in action? Check out our demo application called RideStyler SNAP!
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Wheel Builder

Selling custom wheels can be difficult when your customers don't understand their options or the process. Our Wheel Builder Component makes this easy by allowing them to visualize their creation in real-time. Our wheel builder can tie into your existing order codes or generate dynamic order sheets on the fly to make it easier on your team as well.

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Tire Size Calculator

All of our widgets are designed around the philosophy of making it easier for customers to understand and purchase the product that is right for them. Our Tire Size Calculator Widget is a great example of this philosophy. It makes it extremely easy for customers thinking about switching up their tire size to completely understand the implications of their choice. From size differences that can help identify clearance issues, to circumference changes that can impact speedometer accuracy, we include all of the information needed to make the best decision possible.