With millions of vehicle, wheel, tire & suspension combinations, the possibilities are endless. Let your customers find their perfect wheel & tire package from any device. Generate quotes and leads and get more insight with reports. 

Features Overview

With just a few clicks, your customers and employees can find the best wheels for their vehicle, build a tire package, adjust their suspension and get a quote. Use the Visualizer on your website, or in your showroom.

Be ready for any customer with over 54,000 vehicle configurations

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Don’t get stuck with a single view, our vehicles can be visualized from multiple angles

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Adjust paint colors to find the perfect match

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Complete suspension adjustment for lowered or lifted applications 4 of 5

Enable the wheel and tire brands you carry so customers can assemble their perfect package

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Ridestyler currently integrates with:

Increase sales and track performance

The RideStyler Visualizer can help you convert online users via Request a Quote and our eCommerce shopping cart integrations. You can also keep track of your site’s performance with reports on popular vehicle products.

Lead Capture

Capture leads so your team can follow up with potential customers.

Package Building

Upsell your customers with tires that fit their new wheels.

Cart Integrations

Add products from the visualizer directly to the shopping cart.


View reports on popular vehicles and products (Coming Soon).

New data every day

With the RideStyler visualizer, you’ll have access to the most comprehensive library of vehicle and product data in the industry. We have fitment profiles and vehicle imagery stretching back to 1910, and are constantly adding new data to the platform.

OE Data

Fitment profiles & imagery


Vehicle configurations


Wheel & tire styles

In-store solutions

The Visualizer is a great sales tool to use in-store. And, RideStyler is not just for your customers! Empower your employees with fitment data using the RideStyler FitGuide and our Size Calculators.


A web-based tool for looking up vehicle, OE and plus sizing fitment data.

Tire Size Calculator

Help your customers understand the implications of changing tire size.

Wheel Size Calculator

Get quick answers on the impacts of changing your wheel fitment.

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